SHE "It Was A Good Day"

(written by SHE)


Hey Baby

Why do you feel bad?

Why do you see red when itīs blue?

I can not believe

that thereīs so much cruelty in you

Hey Lady!

What happens with you?

You never used to be so sad

When something was wrong

then you used to make us feel glad

Hey Mama!

Whatīs behind your shirt?

Whatīs beyond the dirt of your words?

To see all your wounds

is just like to murder myself

Hey Honey!

Is life just a rhyme?

where words will resign when itīs gonna be hard?

You know friends like these

canīt be bought with a gold credit card

Hey Secret!

There is light in the shade,

always something where faith wonīt refuse

So donīt give up now

your children will always thank you


It was a good day...

It was a good day...

Hey Mama!

So letīs raise up the glass

This heroic one will be the last

But whatever youīll do

I hope you do it still and fast

Hey Baby!

Have you had a good day?

For you it was a good day cause youīre dead

But wherever you are

I hope that you donīt feel too bad


copyrights 2001-2016 by SHE