SHE "In The Dead Of Summer"

(written by SHE)


I used to be a fool

I played the fool for you

Another interesting game

like all the other games you do

I used to be your world

your sweet nightworking girl

You thought that I am more

the only 'more' that you adore

Wishin' you well

now I'm in clover

something to tell

I'm not another number

In the dead of summer

Wishin' you well

You see I'm sober

something to tell

Can't you hear my thunder?

In the dead of summer

You used to laugh at me

Me – the saturday night live comedy

You say 'now I'm businesslike'

but you'll laugh at the wrong side

Wishin' you well...

You look so pretty well

out of your prison cell

that you think is your life

You look so pity ill

so damaged and fulfilled

of all the hate you leave behind

You'll never get what I got

You'll never see quite a lot

among the seeing you're the blind, blind, blind

Someday you'll bite the oust

Then I'll pray and then I hope

that I can see your lifeless eyes

Wishin' you well...


copyrights 2001-2016 by SHE