SHE "Dancer"

(written by SHE)


You say that you don't...

You say you need...


You say that you don't have a lover

You say you need somebody new

So take a look around each other

You know that I won't look at you

Wake up – I am your dancer

Wake up – and dance with me

Wake up – your little dancer

Wake up – we're just one team

How blind can a blind man be?

Don't you know I'm no adversary?

You wonder why you always miss the mark

but choosing me is just a funny lark?

Wake up...

I dreamt the world last night and all I saw

was just a bleeding face beyond my door

Thought you stood there for a warm embrace

but it was my blood running down my face

Wake up...

So baby please leave me, or please let me

my last little piece normality

Everything I wrote I wrote for you

And all I've tried to say is: I love you

Wake up...


copyrights 2001-2016 by SHE